Commitment to Quality

Consistent high quality is our means of asserting how valuable our customers are to us. At Signal, quality is the key determinant in supplier selection and in every phase of our design and manufacturing process. Simply stated, our objective is to meet or exceed our stringent quality standards, both in product and in personalized customer service.

Continuous Quality Improvements

Signal’s engineering and managerial staff maintains an “open door” policy in the belief that every associate, no matter what their position, can provide a new perspective. This policy, in concert with our technical expertise, serves to gather ideas and continuously push our quality baseline upward.

Total Customer Satisfaction

At Signal, “Total Customer Satisfaction” signifies “Total Commitment to Service”. We don’t just pride ourselves on our excellent products but look beyond the product. We want to ensure that our customers experience our genuine care and interest from order placement to delivery.

Quality Management Systems

At Signal Transformer, quality is under constant scrutiny at all levels. Processes and procedures are reviewed regularly, assuring product consistency and providing for continuous process improvement. All managers ensure that personnel adhere to formal procedures and work instructions. Where a process may be new to an operator, training is provided to assure competence and compliance. A quality management team monitors and regularly audits all internal operations and functions.

Environmental Management Systems

Signal melds environmental sensitivity and conservation into all its operations. Energy and material conservation make sense, for both our entire planet’s well being and for Signal’s bottom line. This commitment manifests itself throughout our operation from waste reduction to reduced energy consumption. This strong commitment to be “green” extends beyond our governance to our products. Signal’s “SHE” transformer series, for example, provides an open opportunity for our customers to share our concern for energy conservation by incorporating a highly efficient product in their design and end products.

Miniature Low Power

DST Series
Miniature Low Power
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Low Profile Triple Output

MPL Series
Low Profile PCB
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