Signal Transformer—a division of BEL—a global leader in custom design and manufacturing of linear transformers and SMD inductors. These drum core wire wound magnetic solutions can be found in any power conversion applications. To learn more about Signal Transformer, Click Here.


Signal Transformer’s SLT Stepdown Series Now Certified to UL 506/UL5085-2 – Click Here

Signal Transformer’s M4L International Power Isolation Transformer Series Now Certified to An Array of UL, CSA, VDE and IEC Safety Standards – Click Here


Thru Hole (PC Board Mount) Linear Transformers

Miniature Low Power
Int'l-Low Profile "Flat Head"
Split Bobbin-Low Power
Int'l One-4-All Triple Output
Miniature-Low Profile Triple Output
Low Profile - Triple Output
Int'l One-4-All
Int'l-Low Profile
Flat Head - Low Profile
Class 2

Chassis Mount Linear Transformers

Split Bobbin w/High Isolation
All-4-One International
All-4-One International w/Lead Wires
Int'l-Multi Purpose
All-4-One Int'l Triple Output
Super High Efficiency
Class 2
Rectifier Power Transformer
Split Bobbin w/High Isolation-Lead Wires
Split Bobbin w/High Isolation-Triple Output

Step up/down Power Isolation
Step Down Auto w/Lead Wires
Step Down Auto w/Line Cord
Nema Enclosure
Nema Enclosure w/Cord Set
High Power Int'l
Signal Lighting Transformers
Machine Tool Transformers

Surface Mount Power Inductors

Unshielded Dual Winding
Shielded Dual Winding
Low Current Unshielded
Low Current Shielded

High Current Unshielded
High Current Shielded
Low Profile Unshielded
Low Profile Shielded

SMD Power Inductors At-A-Glance

High Frequency Magnetics At-A-Glance


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